Sunday, March 06, 2005

Full Contact Lenses

He yawns his way towards the bathroom while below his feet shuffle behind through a broken-down dance of defeat. A book is the only thing shielding his nudity from the world outside his giant bay windows. "Everything I Needed to Know I learned in the Womb" is his inspirational reading for the morning.
After stepping into the bathroom, he plops a contact into his right eye but it revolts against his plans and jumps out onto the edge of the sink. He picks it up and inserts it with greater care into his eye.
It leaps out again; this time landing dangerously close to the drain of the sink.
Sam shakes his head awake and rubs his eyes. He takes up the contact lens on his index finger and examines it carefully.
It jumps off his finger but this time Sam goes to grab it and that's when it punches him square in the face.


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