Wednesday, March 23, 2005

thieving in your sleep

The door opened silently to a black quilt covering the dips and rises of a sleeper. The miniature mountain range on the bed fit in perfectly with the prints of Yosemite National Park adorning all four walls and every square inch of the room. Books on mountains were piled high on the bookshelves.

"No shouting from mountain peaks. Shrink mountains to the size of record grooves. Hear what they want to say. I wanna hear what they want to sing. Mountains never piss themselves." These mumbled words came from the depths of the mountain and the intruder froze in the door frame.

After our sleeper awoke to find all his valuables stolen, he hit rock bottom and finally made the decision to go into counseling for his obsessions. Ten years later, he made a breakthrough, unlocking the hermetic moments of his troubled childhood. With a profound understanding of what was travelling beneath the surface of his life, he recognized his pysche one afternoon in the central character of a best-seller. After a series of police investigations, it was revealed that the novelist was a retired cat-burglar whose past exploits turned up on various pages of his book.

Freud's "The Interpretation of Dreams" was used by the prosecution.

You had to be there.



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Jaret Penner will illustrate this so hands off.

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