Friday, November 04, 2005

"YOUTH IN ASIA" is a delightfully slapdashed little fast fiction based on this wonderful work by Geoff Keong, a Vancouver artist who'll be exhibiting four of his works at the Wicked Cafe (1399 West 7th Ave) from Saturday, Nov 19.
So sit back and enjoy the following story which involves one joke which has been stolen from a Little Britain episode. Thank-you England !!


He punches out the final words of a four hundred page novel which has mined every nook and cranny of his life, work, philosophy and lexicon. He is spent, having invested all of his soul and time on this priceless collection of prose which champions his belief in life at all costs, even in a body of pain.

He punches out the tenth to last word: serenity.

It is the first novel in history that has been pummeled into existence and this guarantees its success, he keeps telling himself, hitting one of the giant keys which is slightly larger than his fist. His own fists pulsate with a dull throbbing agony. For a year he has bashed away at the alphabet. His initial plan of wearing boxing gloves through the writing was thrown out after he discovered that his hands welted up with rashes beneath the thickness of the gloves so he opted for a bare fisted approach.

He punches away at the fourth to last word: zenith.

The crux of his story, he will tell people time and time again, is that there is greater respect for the elderly in Asia. He has never been to Asia mind you, but he loves Chinese food. Most of the time. His favorite dishes are number 32 and 67. But more than Chinese food he loves life in all its resplendent forms.

He punches out the last word: God.

Having completed a year's worth of work, he shouts out: "The very title of my book will become synonymous with a renewed respect for life. It will be chanted on the streets. Youth in Asia."


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