Sunday, May 08, 2005

Extremes are extremely funny.

Inflating any belief with lungfulls of hot air, elevating any action into the upper stratosphere of respect or cherishing any moment so tightly to your chest that it turns blue in the face are all simply just another way of screaming out, "Mock me !!"

So Happy Mother's Day and without further ado here's today's belated story about an extremely political mother.


"Have you been smoking ?" she quiries with eyes narrowing to suspicious slits. "I smell smoke off of you."

"No mom, I haven't been smoking. I stopped a year ago," he laughs uncomfortably. His brother and sister also join him in shaky laughter. They stand around their mother on the edge of her vegetable garden.

"Second hand smoke my dear Derrick. Second hand smoke !! You are exhaling your mother's very own personal extinction. That's what you want me to take to the grave. My son killed me with the very lips that fed off my dugs." She drops back down to her newly planted garden and kneads the brown soil like dough.

"Mom we brought you a little something for today." Mary, the youngest of the three, steps forward in a bid to turn their mother's mood around. Mary holds a thick envelope behind her back.

"Mother's Day !?! Commercialism for gullible children who think they can buy their mother's affection day, you mean."

"We got you something special this year," Sammy chimes in. He smiles a professional actor's smile.

"Ta da !!" Mary shouts as she reveals the envelope (made out of hemp.)

Dorothy continues to knead the soil: "No subscription to Utne reader on behalf of me sent to our local politicians or donation on behalf of me to Thai children with aids is going change my stance on Mother's Day. You should be doing these things everyday of the year." Her fists crush the brown soil.

Her children stand above her with faltering smiles.

"There is only one mother and that is Mother Earth, Gaea. You devote your life to her everyday of the year and that will save this planet."

The three children stand over their mother.

It starts to rain.

The brown soil soaks up the rain.


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