Monday, November 07, 2005

"BRIDGING THE GULF BETWEEN SATANISM AND CHRISTIANITY" is an immensely special fast fiction which is loosely based on Kevin Potvin's business card. That's right, his business card ! Kevin is running for a seat on city council for the upcoming municipal elections in Vancouver. Usually I don't step into the mucky fray of politics on this site, but in this case I feel strongly that there is a great opportunity for Vancouverites to support an intelligent and creative individual whose ideals are grounded in critical thinking. And if you promise to go to his site, I promise that I will not subject you to future stories based on anything like Jim Green's mayoral election poster or Jack Layton's tie.
So pause for a moment from whatever act of democracy you're currently engaged in and enjoy...


"It was a big, fat, effing waste of time !!" April cries and globs of tears make the slow journey down her large cheeks. "They didn't care at all. They just didn't care at all."

Augustus has yet to tell her about the results from the CAT scan. He has been hiding the seriousness of his pain from her along with his three visits to the clinic. Like his disease is a mistress that will take him from her. For good.

"You know I thought I had something that would pique their interest. I printed up information about all of the candidates for the election and then I added one fake profile. A real nutter who's into bridging the gulf between Satanism and Evangelical Christianity." As she chuckles, the tears on her face fall to the wood floor of their living room.

"Those kids are going to remember that. I mean you've given them something different from video games and top 40 bling-bling. That's important." He loves her passion. He isn't ready to see that crushed under the rock of his bad news. "Wasn't anyone interested ?"

"Well one of the girls, Michelle, she took an interest in one of the independents. Thought he has some cool ideas."

"And she's the one who's gonna be calling the shots someday."

He has no idea how he's going to tell her. How he's going to stand in the stream of life with news of a trip to a desert.

"Bridging the gulf between Satanism and Christianity ?" he chuckles.

"Yeah I named the guy Tim Splatter and I wrote that he used to be a stunt man in Christian movies."

And their laughter sanctifies the moment as precious.


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