Thursday, December 01, 2005

"SWEET NOTHINGS FOR SOMETHINGS" is some very quick-lit for you to enjoy while you're tying your shoes, brushing your teeth or simply taking a deep breathe. A simple jolt of lit for any occasion.

Inspiration for today's story comes from the talented Wylie Fisher.


The flight through the friendly skies was less than amiable as Mark and Susan bickered back and forth over the whole point of the trip.

"There was still so much to see in Santiago," Susan said with her eyes fixed on the blended blue of the ocean and sky outside her cramped window seat.

"It's a once in a lifetime chance to see the Moais," Mark said, repeating his main rationale which was starting to wear thin with overuse.

"What isn't a once in a lifetime chance. Jumping off a bridge is a once in a lifetime chance."

Mark put on the cheap headphones provided and rolled the volume up to ten. There was an hour left in the flight and he was intent on losing himself in something better than stupid squabbles. He closed his eyes and tried to think of the most amazing thing that could happen on Easter Island. He imagined meeting a couple that on the surface seemed friendly and excited to be traveling to such an exotic locale, but on closer scrutiny there would be fear in the woman's eyes which moved back and forth between Mark and Susan at odd intervals. Morse code - one long pause followed by one quick glance - for "help me he's holding me against my will". And Mark would help her because of his knowledge of morse code and he would be a hero on Easter Island. This little fantasy was like a consoling whisper in his ear.

And that bitch Susan would feel ashamed for having complained about the idea of the trip.

Meanwhile, right next to him, Susan imagined pushing over a big stupid stone head right on top of the big stupid head seated next to her.

But their daydreams were cut short after a stone head, catapulted off of Easter Island by a group of drunk engineering students with way too much money and technology, smashed into the front of their plane.

And they never had anything to argue about ever again.


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