Friday, November 25, 2005

"FALLING INTO A RED FRAME" is an immensely special short story loosely based on this little flyer for a student art show and sale at the Emily Carr Institute this weekend on Granville Island. The image was whipped up by Les Ramsey. I usually don't do stories based on ads but 1) this is a good cause, 2) you can get some Christmas gifts and 3) they paid me mega honkin' bucks for this sneaky promotion.


As they walk along the cracked, grimy, spit-marked sidewalk, they discuss what would make an appropriate frame for their living room. The work of art within it will follow in due time but first they must decide on the right frame; they prefer working from the outside in. You don't interior decorate in an empty lot you wait until the house is built, is the rationale they explain with impatient sighs to uncouth naysayers.

"Well I really think that cobalt blue frame - " Jeffery's opinion is interrupted by a tiny torrent of water that gushes out from a pipe at the side of a run-down two story building. Fuck ! Jeffery's hush puppies are soaked and Zack, while successfully jumping out of the way, lands on the curb of the sidewalk where he tumbles and crumples to the ground.

A gap-toothed hobo-prophet witnessing the whole comical incident shouts out: "Verily I say unto you there will come a time when theme parks will be built around moments like this. I can see even now a roller-coaster type ride with a hollowed out ceramic shell of a man in mid fall. At his foot there is a replica of a banana peel. There will come a day when you shall pay your ten dollars and be strapped into this shell of a falling man. You will experience the vicarious thrill of being a klutz for five minutes as your train of slipping men go up and down the rails of this coaster. All mistakes will have been genetically and socially engineered out of existence and you will need this ride to feel what so many people took for granted. Relish this moment !!"

And he walks on down the side-walk which has seen better days.

Jeffery and Zack exchange a knowing look of how-fucking-beautiful-was-that and they both pull out their cells in a friendly race to get to him first. "Tony, get your camera down here pronto. We need you to shoot something," Zack shouts zealousy from a sprawled position on the cigarette strewn ground. And they know that they should get that red frame and they are even more certain of what should go in it and they'll wait in these poses until they're certain the job's done.


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