Sunday, October 02, 2005

"SOMEBODY PLEASE TAKE THE CLOWNS SERIOUSLY" is a fast fiction that falls flat on its face onto a trap door which spins it back down through to a second trap door and voila ! onto its feet again. (The key here is that the ankles must be braced for the double trap door spin. (Something my grandfather taught me (in his senility)))

Today's inspiration comes from Anthony Myers, one of the most wonderfully enthusiastic artists to take up the call to send me something.


"I've accomplished everything today," Smarks says, pouring water into the rubber bulb behind his flower.

"Did you walk around the world ?" Smargs queries

"As a matter of fact ..." Smarks dips his head into a large bag of odds and ends and beginnings and evens. He comes out with a stack of photos. "Here I am in front of the Great Wall of China, the Eiffel Tower and the Penis of David !!" Smarks walks to and fro showing off the photos as though he were a ring girl displaying the round number of a fight.

"Hold it !! Hold everything," Smargs shouts. He gently props up his affectation of an tiny umbrella against the wall. There is a bird perch near the top of its stem and the bird on it squaks: "Smarks n' Smargs ! Smarks n' Smargs !" Smargs inspects the photos.

"Your fly is down in every single one of these."

"Oh really ?" Smarks raises an eyebrow into a hairy peak.

"You walked around the world with your fly down !! With a smile and your fly down."

The stand in their living room (which is full of pictures of dying things) in silence.

"Well done !! You have accomplished everything," Smargs shouts.

And they jump up and down with pride in celebration of the folly of vanity.


Anonymous anthony myers said...

Bravo!! HAHA... i have found a new love of these characters!! tommorow i'm going to work with my fly down in celebration!!! wow, thank you tons!!!this is so cool!! sending the link to everyone!!! yay!! thank you much's!

11:42 AM  
Anonymous Ginger said...

thats awesome... that story made me laugh ! good job!

2:37 PM  

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