Monday, September 26, 2005

"DUPED IN THE SMOKE AND MIRRORS OF NARNIA" is an old-fashioned tale about a boy and his blender. It is based on this awsome piece of creepy pop art by Brian Taylor:


A simple joke about a 'tard had spiralled off into useless speculation . One of the assholes around the table suddenly got all philosophical on us: "So really what's the difference between a mental illness and a mental handicap ?"

Christ, I hate people who drop stupid questions on a group like that. We were laughing !!

Of course, I wasn't going to tell him about my younger brother who grew up with so much belief in his head that it pushed everything else out. He was a simpleton. And I was his asshole older brother.

Yeah, he believed pretty much everything you told him along with anything you read him out of books. After listening to the Lion, the Bitch and the Scarecrow... or some story like that, Andy was convinced that there was some other world waiting in a closet or at the back of the fridge for him.

So one day I said to him,"Yeah you can reach into and touch a magical world at the bottom of that blender." Oh Christ I was an asshole.

"Will I be able to touch Narnia ?" he asked.

I didn't know it was plugged in !

After the incident, he was different. Fuck of course he was different. Put your hand into the blades of a blender, see if that doesn't fuck you up. He no longer believed in the magical parts of stories but he believed there were actors that got together to create the scenes in the books. Try to make sense of that. He thought it happened somewhere but that it was all special effects and trickery and the author was the only person to see this shit. Yeah, exactly, weird. His mental handicap had left him vulnerable to beliefs that were all fucked up.

"So, what's the difference ?" he asked again.

I fuckin' nailed him right in the face.

I'm such an asshole.


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