Thursday, September 29, 2005

"BREAK A BONE FOR CHARITY" is a return to the daily fast fictions of isolated little tales that have nothing to do with anything but your heart. I've been trying to create a serialized story over the past week but Christ it's tough as the story also has to take into account the art that I'm getting everyday. Literary contortion. Freak-showing myself for the amusement of the world. No way jack. I think I'm going to stick with the self-contained blurbs of fiction for the time being.

Today's fast fiction is inspired by an image from the very talented Penny Van Horn.


The doorbell buzzes in an electrified tone. You leave the pile of ticket stubs, bank statements, napkins and other daily scraps of paper which all have little haikus written on them. You are putting them together into a one of a kind booklet called "Poetic Dregs" which will someday- The buzzer cuts into your thoughts and impatiently hurries you to the door.

You open the door to whoever it may be.

"Hello, sir. There are many children who will go to bed tonight with no food in their belly. For five dollars you can break my arm and half of that will go to a trustworthy charity."

He stares despairingly at you.

You wonder what kind of hiaku will fit on the receipt.


Blogger Penny Van Horn said...

hello, I decided to google image search my own name. . .LO and behold, there is my image of the cinematographer for the movie Slacker, Lee Daniel. Glad it inspired you. I am on facebook, see you there?
Penny Van Horn

8:15 AM  

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