Monday, December 05, 2005

"THE BIRD-MEN KILLERS" is such a special short-short story that it might very well just fly right out of this screen, perch itself on a stray strand of your hair and spend the next hour or two repeating the last word of everything you say in a tiny mocking tone. But when it leaves you'll miss its cute feathery charms.

Inspiration for today's work comes from the very talented Andy Kehoe, a painter and illustrator whose site features a motley crue of creatures such as murderous birds, beer-swilling wild things and gun-toting stuntmen.
And on a literary note, check out bookninja's serialized selections from Derek McCormack's Christmas Days, a refreshingly sad and morose countdown of stories to Christmas.

But for now put on those spectacular slippers made by your taxidermist friend out of those two peacocks you accidently drove over and enjoy the following short-short story...


In the distance, trees fringed the top of the mostly barren hill like a receding hairline. At the base of the hill, two bird-men stood disappointedly over a body which was bleeding its life into the ground. The man hadn't put up any kind of a fight, he didn't even seem to be all that surprised by the sight of bird-men wielding knives along his walking path.

"You said we'd strike terror into the hearts of men," the one bird-man said to the other who was busy shaking his head back and forth and back and forth.

The man had simply looked up from the pebbles of the path and stared ahead at the bird-men who stood in angry stances intended to inspire blood-curdling screams. When they both lunged at his belly with their flashing blades, he continued to maintain total calm and as his body toppled to the ground the one bird-man thought he saw a yawn taking shape on his lips.

"How is this any kind of start to a killing spree ? You said people would scream ?!"

And the bird-men shrugged their shoulders and made the journey back to the trees to come up with another plan to make a name for themselves in the world of men.


Blogger katy said...

this is the very first of your little stories i chose to read. i like it. it is slightly profound, mythilogical in nature, and gives the image so much more depth.

i found through a series of links from one blog to another. it's a pitty you've stopped writing short short stories. on the other hand... this having been only one of well over 200 stories, i am in absolutly no position to complain.

ah, thank you for your efforts. i intend on reading as many of these as work will allow today.

6:16 AM  
Blogger katy said...

i found you through a series of links...

i wish these were editable.

6:17 AM  

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