Wednesday, April 13, 2005


After double (and triple) checking the numbers on his lottery ticket against the winning numbers in the newspaper, after jumping up and down in a clunky hug with his wife, after calling up his boss to tell him where to go, after making the all important phone call that would change his life forever, after changing his telephone number, after going to pick up the giant check for the photo-op for a group of jealous reporters, after all of this Mark DeJamminglon decided on his new vocation.

He smiled like the Buddha receiving his first taste of enlightenment under the Bodi Tree. He smiled so big his mouth threatened to explode. He smiled a brand new smile.

"I'm gonna get a plasma screen t.v. and a super comfy chair and I'm gonna get some handy guy to build me a little bubble that I can relax in. It'll be clear so everyone can see how much I'm enjoying myself. There will also be wheels. It'll be my little leisure mobile. There'll be a mini-satellite on top. But most importantly of all, I'll park it in all the super busy business centers of all the cities in America. I'm starting off here; all those assholes at Martin and Woodston will see me and realize the daily hell that they're living. I'll be dozing off watching the Godfather part two while they're racing to work," he said, without once flinching from his newly acquired smile.

"Wouldn't you just rather move to the Cayman islands ?" his wife said while looking through the catalogue of an expensive furniture store.

And so he decided to have a leisure mobile built for two with flight capabilities. That's how it all began.


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