Saturday, April 23, 2005


"There is more truth in this man's face than all of the revelations provided by the world's major religions. That's a simple fact that each of us must come to terms with." The acting instructor emoted each word with an admixture of awe, praise, jealousy, confidence and surprise. The acting instructor once taught the famous Tom Darlington so he knows what he's talking about. The acting instructor's class of ten listened in rapt attention.

"Here is an actor whose face might shatter lie detectors the way high pitches shatter glass. Simply put his face expresses the utmost of truth, truth at its highest decibel levels. In it's intensity it also denies the very possibility of lies thereby destroying the very devices which are enlisted in their detection." The film professor wrote in Journal of American Acting. The film critic had seen all of Tom Darlinton's films at least three times each. The film critic wrote extensively on all of his films, planning to someday write a biography on Tom Darlington entitled "A Biography of Truth".

"He is the truth incarnate. Is that sacriligious ? Well then I'll have to be guilty on this one count. The guy can act." A priest that had baptized him as an infant was quoted as saying in a local paper. On page three the article hung below a photo of the priest holding up an autographed photo of Tom Darlington. The priest snuck Tom's name into his prayers every week.

"Yeah he's got an honest face but he owes me money. We grew up together and I helped him out during a tough stretch. He's been promising to pay me back for five years. I need that money." His former best friend complained to everyone that he met. "But Christ is that guy a great actor," he'd say with a smile at the end of every complaint.

You were the only one who wasn't fooled by Tom Darlington. You were the only one who knew the truth about the truth.


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