Sunday, May 15, 2005

(“DRINKY DRINKY" is about trying to do sober things while drunk.

But first a little quiz.

What’s this a picture of ?

If you guessed the inside of a bottle of beer that is correct.

So with this in mind, in liver and in heart, please enjoy today’s short-short story...)


“Anybody can learn sobriety. Christ we’re born that way. What you must learn is sobriety of thought within a beer sloshed brain.” He burped the last word out in an exhale of boozy breathe. He was eight rum and cokes into his drunken state. He was ready to teach.

His son stared off in the direction of the silent television.

“You’ve got to imagine yourself as the captain of a tiny ship that is sailing through stormy waves. The swells smash against the side of your ship, fanning out a spray of booze. You open your mouth to the inebriating waters !!” Without once letting go of his tumbler, he set up an oversized chess board with large hollowed pieces.

His son continued to stare off in the direction of the silent television.

“Today we are going to play a customized version of this classic game of logic and reason. Anyone can play a game of logic and reason. Our brains are born with the capacity for that. What we are going to do today..” He pulled out a bottle of Vodka from beneath his chair. Deposits of his favorite alcohol were hidden in various fissures, cracks and hollows in his home and within the neighborhood. He proceeded to fill up each chess piece with a shot of Vodka.

“And so to start,” he swigged the remains and passed out with a head-butt to the chess board.

His son continued to stare off in the direction of the silent television.


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