Tuesday, May 24, 2005

("GARY COLEMAN SHAPED LSD" is a short-short story that shouts out, "You want short ?! Okay I'll give you Gary Coleman crouching down a few feet under, digging his own grave. How's that for short !?

Yeah it's really short.

With no disrespect meant for the Cole-man, I hope you enjoy today's story..)

hi I'm gary coleman


"And then you just have to hold onto that one idea which just comes down out of the sky like a bolt of lightening that slices you down the middle. It severs you in frickin' half, man !! You are cut through and through but as your two sides fall to the ground you have to grab hold of that idea which exists at your core. The idea came out of the sky but it was also in you. The idea emerged out of the union of the outer and inner. This is what brought on the lightening in the first place. This is what opens you up to the answer which is in you. You gotta grab hold of it as your two sides are falling, as your arms are falling to the ground !!"

"So you're saying that Victoria is a 250 prefix ?" he asks on the other end of the telephone.

"Your heart knows," replies information.

The employee at Telus Communications will be fired in two days for dropping LSD on the job (which incidentally is shaped like the head of a young Gary Coleman.)

What chyoo talking 'bout third person narrative voice ?!?!, you ask at the end of this "story".


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