Tuesday, May 17, 2005

(“THE ORGANIZATION OF WOUNDS” is a tiny little tale about somebody getting beaten up. Simple on the outside pummeling but a whole other world of ideas inside.

The title just popped into my head yesterday after school and I figured it was worthy of a tail of a tale.



His face flies up into the direction of the clear blue sky, His eyes circle around in his head. His heart beats hard. His fate is uncertain.

Sammy laughs at how little a fight John has put up.

Thirteen teenagers stand around in a circle shouting out screams of encouragement. They want to be rewarded with a display of pain. They want to see blood spew out in colors clear to understand. They want to know the physical reality of this world.

Sammy smashes John’s head against his knee which ignites a chorus of “fuck yeah”s.

Meanwhile in John’s mind there is a picture of a pyramid of his body parts. Right now, his head is at the top of it, but just below is his mid-section and below that is his jaw. He doesn’t want to lose track of the order of pain.

His head is full of systems of organization encompassing fights, breakfasts and favorite sit-coms.

He will be anal retentive to the end of time.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fuck Ya!

Good story :)

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