Saturday, June 11, 2005

("BALLOONING BLISTERS” is a short-short story that will get under your skin and bones and find a little resting place in the subconsciousness of your lower intestine..

Yeah it’s weird and deep and maybe a little brown.

Enjoy !!!


Held aloft by ten balloon-sized blisters at the ends of his fingertips, Marty’s arms stretched up to the blue of the sky as his body pulled down to the brown fields of the earth below.

He had just wanted a squeaky voice from the helium. He had no idea it would stay in his body, inflate his fingertips and take him away from his daughter’s tenth birthday party.

“Help !!!” he shouted as a Cessna flew by.

Finally in that funny, squeaky voice he’d been searching for all afternoon.

No one was around to laugh.


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