Thursday, June 02, 2005

("DOUBLE DATE PLUS ONE" is a little flirtation of a short story which focuses on a couple whose needs aren't exactly compatible.



Sam lives on the axiom: the more the merrier. Right now he's applying that to sushi: "I'll have the California roll, the Unagi roll, the Yukata roll, the David Suzuki roll, the Kamakaze-Hit-Me-in-the-Belly roll and a bowl of Miso soup."

Everyone laughs at how much he's ordered.

"Thank-you please and you ?" Their server's pen looks like the tip of a sewing needle, stabbing swiftly up and down on her pad of orders.

"I'll have the Paradise Roll and the B.C. roll."

Janet, Sam's girlfriend of two years, lives on the long-windedly sincere axiom: have one close friend that you can confide in and all will go well with the world.

"Thank you please and you ?"

Everyone else at the table makes their order which is then recounted in fast foward by their server, who immediately races off into the swift current of other servers, bus-boys and hostesses.

"So how did you guys meet ?" The solo member of the evening asks the two couples.

They all laugh.

Sam and Janet have tried to find the right number of people to go out with. They're hoping that the compromise of five will work. Sam of course would be in his element with with more people, but Janet would be far more comfortable with fewer.

Perhaps tonight they'll find their magic number.


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