Wednesday, June 08, 2005

("ANOTHER STORY TO SAVE THE DAY” is a short-short story that is neither a bird nor a plane; rather it is a sort of Superman of a story that flies into your world to save you.

Enjoy the strong arms of this story...


The cluttered clouds in the sky mirrored the state of the freeway below with hundreds of cars crawling towards the horizon.

Karl Vespers' knuckles whitened around the steering wheel of his Chevy pick-up. The heat vapors from the traffic crept into his car like freeloading hitchhikers. Fuck off heat, he thought to himself.

He just wanted to be home to celebrate his ten year wedding anniversary. He was a good husband that way. He was faithful, kind and thoughtful.

Outside this bubble of marital bliss however was Karl's temper which was a force to be reckoned with.

"Get the fuck off the road !!"

Unbeknownst to Karl, the man in the Honda ahead was reaching for a loaded gun in his glove-compartment. Unbeknownst to either Karl or the gunman, a third party in this potential powder-keg was walking quickly up alongside Karl's Chevy.

"A couple lonely clouds blocked the blue of the sky as Kevin Chambers reached his driveway," the Scribe read outside of Karl's open window from a piece of paper. His blue super-hero mask hid any signs of emotion for it was the story which was the focus of his heroics. As he read from his story about a man who needed to resolve his anger issues, Karl felt a calm ease over him.

Seeing this strange site in his rear-view mirror, the man in the car ahead left his gun in the glove compartment.

The traffic crawled ahead slowly and peacefully.

Once again the Scribe's power to psychically pick up on people's distress and then prepare the perfect story as an antidote saved the day.

His fame however, would forever be kept at a minimum as it was difficult to sum up his powers in a catchy phrase.


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