Tuesday, June 07, 2005

("HOW TO KICK A SAVIOR IN THE GROIN” is a short-short story that aims to please as well as enlighten. The story is set in a fictional amusement park.

Enjoy the ride..


“But nobody wants to play with me,” Sammy spouts out through a pouty face. At ten years of age, he weighs in at around a rather round 120 pounds.

“Now don’t you worry. As long as you’re a good person inside that’s all that matters.” His father places his large hand on Sammy’s shoulder. A trickle of sweat drips down the side of his face and then speeds up to curve around the bend in his smile. He forgot to wear his baseball cap for the day’s outing.

“Now let’s go take a kick at the crotch of Jesus.”

“Okay,” his son responds with zero enthusiasm.

They walk towards a statue of Jesus with a metal track running up the center. A little girl kicks Christ in the groin and a metal ball sails up to his head making a dinging sound.

Sammy smiles.

The sun shines bright over all 23 acres at the Atheist’s Theme Park.


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