Saturday, May 28, 2005

("A WRITER WILL SEEK HIS SMALL REVENGE" is a tiny little tale to enjoy while sipping your cup of morning joe.

Look out of the window after you read this and reminisce over that high school reunion that you never went to.



Obviously Mr Anglington's moustache was disgustingly distinct. It looked like a hairy little creature that had dragged itself across thousands of miles of harsh terrain to arrive beneath his nose to die, Paul's wife had once joked. On this particular evening however the joking was over.

"They just couldn't put that on the cover !! The costs would just go through the roof," Susan explained as clearly as possible. Paul's plans were beautiful at the core but then he would go and lavish them with extraneous impossiblities.

"The only way this book will work is if that moustache can be touched on the cover. Then it will be a true horror story. Then people won't sleep at night with the book next to them. They'll worry it'll come to life and kill them. We need something tangible that people can touch on the cover." He paused and waited for her to acknowledge his brilliance.

A high school annual sat open on Paul's writing desk. A smiling principle with a horrid moustache stared up at them while they fought. A scribbled message next to him read: Paul, don't get your hopes up for your future and all will go as well as can be imagined for someone with your limited abilities, regards, Mr Anglinston.

A writer seeking his small revenge.


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