Tuesday, September 20, 2005

"VIRAL KILLER, QU'EST-CE QUE C'EST ? - part deux" continues with the story started yesterday. Yes, that's right, for the first time in a year and a half of writing self-contained short-short stories everyday on the web, I have decided to continue with one story.

Yes, it's a way to hook you. Your hearts are fish and my imagination is the lure.

Helping me in this new adventure is Justin Adam who sent me this photo on the weekend:
Justin Adam is a film-maker, a graphic designer, a photographer, and the force behind Toquefest, an independent film and music festival in Vancouver, Canada. Check his shit out.

But for now enjoy part two of "VIRAL KILLER, QU'EST-CE QUE C'EST ?"


The filth-laden laughter of the evil genius is interrupted by a knock on the bathroom door.

"Hey Cam, are you gonna be in there much longer ? I gotta split in a minute and I just need to brush up on the ol' teeth and I'm not talking about studying." The voice comes loud and clear through the white bathroom door which is adorned with a poster of Salvador Dali on a toilet suspended high in the sky by impossible swirls and loops of plumbing.

"Oh yes I'm so sorry. I'm dismally sorry. I will be out in one shake of a lamb's tail," Cam says, quickly packing all of his lab equipment into a backpack. At the top, he places his prized virus which will destroy civilization as we know it, but for now he has to let his roommate use the facilities.

Cam opens the door.

"I'm sorry I didn't realize that your presence was still present in the apartment. In other words, I was under the false assumption that you were off at school," Cam explains. His teeth are yellow and brown in his mouth, like candies stored for a special occasion.

"No, there are some bullshit orientation classes that I'm not going to waste my time on," Dempsey counter explains. He makes a great show of putting a slug of toothpaste on the bristles of his brush which he shoves into his mouth. As he brushes he explains the importance of brushing daily.

"You know it's these little things that are important. Some men will only say 'I love you' while they're brushing their teeth because that's a time they feel most comfortable. I'm not saying I love you. You're a decent roommate and all but I'm just trying to say that brushing opens people up to different conversational environments."

"Yes I am fully cognizant of the fact that oral hygiene is next to godliness but perhaps my ambitions lie elsewhere," Cam starts to cackle and fill the bathroom with his unholy halitosis.

"You know I don't think there has to be any mention of god or goodness in any of this, I mean you can just..." Dempsey is close to uttered what he's wanted to say everyday over the past two months that they've lived together.

He opens the window to let some fresh air in, a blast of breeze that's recently been filtered clean through the feathers of a migrating bird.

"Have an enlightening day nevertheless. Perhaps you might endeavor to just show up at your institution of higher learning and paint a group portrait all of your classmates with their mouths agog as they are receiving this orientation. That would show true initiative and as long as you were inebriated with spirits you would earn their respect as well as the admiration of your goateed professors," Cam shouts with girlish glee. "But I am off now to try my fortunes with the fruits my own personal education. I must be off." And with a small bow, Cam is out the front door of their apartment, holding his backpack to his side.

"Roommates," Dempsey thinks to himself as he looks out over the view of the city from his bathroom window. He considers a black and white photo of the cloudy sky held up on top of the cityscape.


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