Sunday, October 23, 2005

"DECORATE YOUR FACE OFF" is once again a super special fast fiction based on artwork by Marc Bell, a Canadian doodle-jockey who'll draw up crazy images of elbows with faces and toes with smiles faster than you can say "All Canadian Wild Balonies !"

Here it is in its amazing splendor...
So curl up in that hammock of yours which has been sewn together out of millions of washing direction tags from inside t-shirts (How did you find the time ?!) and enjoy...


Leo Koenig scootches carefully past C and D and plunks himself down in the middle of the row. He unzips his carry on bag and delicately pulls out a painting of cartoonish faces beneath beautifully bizarre headgear which he hangs from the seat in front of him.

"Art," he says, with a voila flourish of his hand. He shares his smile generously with the elderly couple that he's come between.

"Oh my, that's quite something," the woman in D says, bringing her hand up to her mouth. Her husband, seated in F, shakes his head in disapproval and opens up the inflight magazine.

Leo Koenig proceeds to take out more pieces of art which he tries to place in flattering angles and light. After ten paintings have been squeezed in around him, he turns to the woman in D and asks, "So how much would you pay for a piece such as this ?"

Over the course of the ten hour flight, Leo Koenig, the roving curator, will work on getting a number that he, the woman and the artist can be happy with.

And then they land in France.


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