Monday, October 17, 2005

"THE NOZZELMAN" is a very special fast fiction based on the work of Kevin Speck who not only has the same first name and the same initials as me but also comes from a place called Surrey. Wild, wild stuff. Nobody ever told me the world would get this crazy.
So prop your laptop up on the dashboard, slide back in the leather seats of your Mercedes and enjoy...


Whenever he dips the nozzle into his gas tank, he arches his back and luxuriates in the stretch. Along with moments in front of urinals, this is his time to relax. To steal a couple seconds for himself from a life of work, work, work.

He never notices that groans sometimes escape his throat and that the young men working at the gas-station watch and wait to laugh at the reactions of those around him.

They have given him a nickname.

On this particular day a woman finds herself intrigued at what she sees as his open door policy on his inner drives.

After the trigger of the nozzle clicks open, he hangs it up and his cell rings. He's back to work.

For a couple minutes, in the mind of a stranger, he is the freest man in the world.


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