Friday, October 07, 2005

"READING TO THE REINCARNATION" is a simple little complication of a short-short story based on a photo by the lovely and talented Marieta Tsenova


"Well just bury them under the cherry tree in the front yard," he says pulling up a rusty staple from the wood floor.

"No way. No way," she says on the other side of the room, wrestling with her own staple. "That's way too complicated. Rife with complications."

"What do ya mean ?"

"There's a woman at the gym who was telling about this former friend of hers who had her husband's remains buried under a tree. Some asshole chopped down the tree and the wood was used to make a bench. She was so horrified by all this that she ended up reading to the bench everyday. She reads home reno manuals. That's what he was into."

"She should just burn down the bench and put those ashes somewhere safe."

"See, complications. Way too many complications." They continue working on the living room of their new home, each imagining secret spots for the secure placement of ashes.


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