Sunday, October 09, 2005

"THE SKY IS FALLING COMICS" is a very special Thanksgiving weekend fast fiction. It's about a jive turkey by the name of Buster Bankers and his little dog Banksy.

What makes today's short-short story such a treat is that it's based on work by none other than the Pulitzer Prize-winner Art Spiegelman.

Holy Shit, I can hear you all exclaiming. Not the Art Spiegelman who "has almost single-handedly brought comic books out of the toy closet and onto the literature shelves."

Yes, that Art Speigelman.

You see dear readers the beauty of the internet is the potential for all sorts of previously unimagined collaborations. Now I know it's only Thanksgiving in Canada but I would like to ask everyone to do something for me this weekend. I would like you to think of something that you do well and create a surprise collaboration with someone out there in the world. (Please don't throw semen at passing motorists. That's not what I'm talking about.) You could for example, send a sound file of yourself singing a country and western version of Slayer's Four Seasons in the Abyss to Slayer. That's what I mean. And I mean it. It'll be funny and there'll be a thank-you involved.

Happy Thanksgiving.



"Gee, Banksy do you think people are feeling as swell as they should be feeling ?" Buster Bankers smiled at his three legged dog who barked twice in response. "No, I don't think so either. These people need to let off some steam and how !!"

Buster ducked into a back alley and took a knife out of his back pocket to cut a swatch of hair off of his dog's back. Between the palms of his hands he rubbed the hair along with a couple of butts he'd saved up after having sex with various women in a less reputable part of town. After five minutes of chanting a strange gibberish that made his dog, Banksy, yelp in fear, Buster Bankers pulled out a comic from his pocket. Using this as rolling paper he smoked the hair and butt concoction. The smoke trailed up into the blue sky a message that only the spirits understood.

When he ran into the street, comics started to fall from the sky. People smiled and laughed as they read the humorous accounts of buffoonery and mishaps. Busker Bankers laughed and danced in the street: "See Banksy, a little bit of voodoo can put a heck of a lot of happiness in people's hearts !!"

Banksy was happiest of all. He'd gotten off easy this time.


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