Wednesday, October 05, 2005

"SMALL MAN, COMPLEX" is a tiny fast fiction about a tiny man with a big dream. Inspiration has come from the artwork of Ho Che Anderson.


On her morning march to work she quite literally stumbles upon him at the corner of 10th and Main. He comes up to her knee caps and professes his love for her. "My chiwawa is bigger than you," she tells him flat out.

"My feelings for you are bigger than the two of us combined. I want to understand you, spoil you, love you to pieces," he shouts. "I want to marry you and grow old with you and tease you by pretending to be you pretending to be."

She has no time for fools and so continues on with her morning commute.

"Wait ! Wait !" he shouts after her. He wants to race after her but he realizes that unrequited love at first sight is an open sore he'll just have to live with. He has seen the woman of his dreams. Perhaps someday she will come around, he thinks.

And that night she dreams of him jumping back and forth on her right and left breasts. She wakes up in an orgasm but with no name to call out.

Six hours later a crow snatches the small man up from his walk to the corner of 10th and Main and drops him to the ground to see what kind of goodies will come out.

She never sees him again.


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