Friday, March 11, 2005

Elevated Smiles

One afternoon in an elevator Paul met that guy whose name he couldn't quite remember.

"Hey Paul !!" the guy smiled enormously with such a friendly spirit that all of Paul's concerns and worries were momentarily dispelled.

"Hey..." Paul resolved at that second that this time he would commit this fine gentleman's name to heart. "What was your name again ?"


And with that they fell into a brief elevator conversation as they went up, up, up.

Over the following three months, Paul caught neither hide nor hair of this cheerful young soul, but he waited everyday in non-sexual anticipation for Troy's friendly demeanor.

While arriving home with a not unattractive date one Saturday evening, Paul spotted Troy with a woman next to the familiar elevator and, hoping to impress upon his date the friendly nature of his neighbours, he shouted out with exuberance: "Hey Troy !!"

Troy's smile did little to inspire any notion of friendliness. In fact he couldn't at that moment in time recall this smiling asshole's name. He himself was on a date and felt the small sting of unrequited name-exchanging.

"Hey, guy."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Terry Plummer has illustrated the insides of this elevator. It'll be out in the book. Watch for it. It'll be sold only in elevators that go up.

7:26 PM  

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