Monday, April 25, 2005


In spite of the thinning hair and colostomy bag, he is still the sexiest man I know. And I know sexy men. I work as a receptionist for a local gym -Iron’s Workout World – where there are hundreds of droolable hunks who drop in every single day of the calendar year. Even on Christmas!! Well the story is that we had an older man sign up that day and I’m pretty sure he was the Santa at the Bridgeway Mall and was he ever a super hottie !! Of course he was older but my word if he didn’t just have the cutest little nose and eyes you ever did see. He signed on for our basic fitness package and he spent a good two hours with the free weights. He was a little overweight sure but you know what they say about overweight men !! I really wanted to just get a chance to sneak a little sit-down on his lap. Sitting on Santa’s lap when he’s off duty must give you a whole new perspective on gift-giving. I didn’t get a chance but you know these sorts of things happen all the time at work. There are so many very attractive men coming into that gym.

So when I tell my husband that he’s still got what it takes, I know what I’m talking about. I see what it takes everyday. There was this man who came in just the other week looking just like Tom Selleck. Now I’m no fan of brainy detective shows so I was never really into Magnum P.I. but my goodness does that man ever have 1) a great ass 2) an unbelievably charming smile and 3) a laugh that just melts your clothes right off your body. I’m sure this man was Tom Selleck but even if he wasn’t he should work in Hollywood in a movie with Tom Selleck where he could play his identical twin. Now that’s a movie I’d pay money for. But none of these men measure up to my husband.

He’s jogging in the mornings. He says he wants to get into shape. I tell him that a pear is already a shape. I love joking around with him because I’m pretty sure he knows that in my eyes he’s the sexiest man in the world. My only complaint with him really is that he’s started sleeping with a couple of his old sports trophies. He says he needs these to motive himself in the morning. When he wakes up, the trophies remind him of what he’s capable of. Well I think it’s a little strange to be in bed with those things. (At first I thought he was bringing them to bed for a little bit of kinky you know what.) Anywho, he’s still the sexiest man in the world. That’s really all I wanted to say.


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