Wednesday, May 25, 2005

("LEVEL FIFTY-TWO IS ENLIGHTENMENT POWER" is a short-short story that might serve as a good mantra for all the video game geeks out there whose eyes have imprints of demons or dragons or bazookas from their favorite games.

Come out into the light clutching this story as your ticket to reality !! )


"If you give the golden zucchini to the wampalooma, he'll hug you and give you a shield of invincibility which should take you all the way through to level fifty-two," Lester shouts in the direction of Marvin. They sit on opposite sides of a table staring intently into their computer screens. The walls of the room are coated with posters of women in bikinis, dragons and gamer conventions.

"No way, you can't trust a wampalooma after level thirty 'cause sometimes they have swords made invisible by unicorn tears."

Lester appears unfazed but a twitch of irritation registers in his fingers which miss a couple of html tags.

"Ahhh fuck !!" he shouts at the screen. In front of him are several open browsers, one of which displays a website entitled: . On the site is a manifesto directed at those who spend their lives sequestered in the digital dimensions of video games. Behind these words of freedom, a well adjusted couple hold hands on a beach.

"You are going down, motherfucker," Lester says through gritted teeth. His fingers type away furiously at a code designed to crash this man's site, empty his bank account and give him a criminal record of child molestation charges all at the same time

Reflections of giraffes with AK47's fly across Marvin's glasses but are suddenly replaced with a bright pink explosion. "Fuck, fuck, fuck," he says without moving a muscle. His fingers lie like deflated balloons on the keyboard.

We'll get the fuckers, they both think in tandem.


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