Saturday, July 30, 2005

"Brain Strain" is a fast fiction based on an image sent to me by Austin Glenn. He is one of the thousands of people who've clicked across my site over the past couple of days.

Oh and by the way, who are all you people ? Drop me a little hello in the POST COMMENT down there. Where your from. How many times you brush your teeth. You know that kind of thing. Come on. I won't bite. Or make fun of you.


Mathew Link was a neurologist from Chicago who loved to gamble and masturbate but usually not at the same time.

One afternoon he come to a cross-roads in his development as a professonal. Vegas had come up in some introductory chit-chat wherein Dr Link's patient expressed his love of lady luck.

"If I can't remove that aneurysm within one hour the entire surgery will be free for you but if I do it under an hour then you've gotta pay me double the price." As Dr Link explained all this, he blinked and blinked his eyes which were reddened after a night's weeping. His wife, Margaret, had left him for a nose and mouth specialist.

"You're on," the patient replied.

The money that Mathew won went to an obscenely large collection of pornographic videos and cheetos but not in that order.


Blogger Phoenix said...

OK, since you asked...

From Santa Fe, NM, US. Came across your site via the next blog button some weeks ago.


2:43 PM  
Blogger Josie said...

Hello! Love your site, only stumbled across it recently. I'm an educational technologist based in England, I also run a film blog you might like over at
- I'm looking around for a picture to send you!

2:09 AM  
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