Thursday, July 28, 2005

“POPE ON SOME DOPE” is some fast fiction based on an image by Jeremy Pruitt .


Marc Teller worked as a sales clerk in a head-shop in Vancouver, B.C. He sold glass bongs that resembled icy plumes of smoke, writing paper that you could high off of and novelty rolling paper with the likenesses of just about everyone you wouldn’t expect to be on dope. People sometimes bummed Marc out.

“So you’re saying it’s not legal per se, but then it’s not illegal ?” asked a tourist with an American drawl.

“It’s been decriminalized,” Marc replied bluntly. (Right behind him was a shirt with “bluntly” emblazoned in weed across the bottom.)
“Rolling paper with the Pope on top, huh. So I can roll a marijuana cigarette with the Pope wrapped around it during a Canadian church service and there’s nothing you all can do about it ?” He smiled, figuring he’d uncovered the absurdity of the system.

“You can’t smoke in churches in Canada and I’m sure you can’t smoke in the churches in America either. Would you like to buy this ?” Marc’s boss was keen on the American dollar and had told everyone in a recent staff meeting that US tourists were to be treated with the utmost patience.

Marc was once again so bummed out that he wouldn’t be able to indulge in an after-work joint to calm hi s nerves. Too low to get high.


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