Wednesday, August 31, 2005

"CONCLUDING IN TEARS" is some exceptionally fast fiction based on an image by the guys over at the Royal Art Lodge.
It has to be extra fast as I'm preparing for this weekend's 3-Day Writing Novel Contest. I'm doing push-up on pens clenched between my fists. I'm reading my thesaurus with renewed vigour.. no avidity... no moxie... no brio. I'm conserving my writing "juices". I will do a whole slew of posts on Friday and then be back on Monday or something. I hope.

But for now enjoy an extra fast fiction...


She makes her own glasses to deal with the torrents of tears that constantly splash against her specks. (The salt erodes the frames.)

"Why does she cry," you ask.

If you want to ask her just follow the tiny, salty stream of tears that always flows behind her.


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