Saturday, August 27, 2005

"DEALING WITH THE HAND YOU WERE DEALT" is a fast fiction which is all about high fidelity, low infidelity and all the middle tones in between.

Once again my visual inspiration comes from the exceptionally talented Eduardo Recife. Check out his site for a great selection of cool fonts and rad images.


He figures that he lies with her based on his lies to her concerning his travels to India and his knowledge of the Karma Sutra. He read about these sexual gymnastics in a book he came across in the castle's lost and found. Not being much of a reader, he struggled through the print with the help of the pictures in the hopes that the book would get him some tail.

Understatement of the 16th Century.

The Queen doesn't really believe a word that's coming out of his mouth but she's interested in how the lies shape his lips into new formations.

"Yes and then I came across a strange beast that had two heads, four horns and tongues coming out from all it's orifices. What a sight," he moans as he fucks her in an exotically round about way.

The King has stumbled across the scene but simply watches silently with a broken heart.

Someday - hundreds of years in the future - a poker hand will be named after them.


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