Wednesday, August 24, 2005

"DISHES MAKE GRAVES" is a fast fiction based on this amazing painting by Maciej Ceglowski, an artist from New York whose site is a great big bite of the big apple.
Maciej Ceglowski
One of the most refreshing things about his site is the wealth of intelligence that goes into any subject that he tackles. You can see how the detail that he puts into his paintings is akin to the smarts he infuses into his observations of the world around him.



When he heard the news of her death, he was up to his elbows in a bouquet of soap bubbles big and small. The radio blared out the news that the founder of the world famous Aerobics Grief Therapy Technique had been the sole death in a five-car pileup on the interstate involving a dump truck, a cement mixer, an ice-cream truck, an "art car" coated in tiny match box cars and a Pinto. Next news at 4:30, were the words that triggered tears.

Now he stays sedentary in his home. Eating. Crying. Dirtying dishes.

He has fifty-two awkward messages of condolence on his answering machine. People trying to patch all the absurdities together into a couple gentle words.

Flies fly above the sinkful of dirty dishes.


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