Tuesday, August 16, 2005

"UNDER THE COLLAPSE OF THE BLUEBERRY SKY" is a fast fiction based on an image by none other than the supremely talented Mark Ryden, a painter who blends cute with creepy into a whole new shade of brilliance.


Everyday is spent in prayer, followed by a double dare.

"I double dare you to throw a fish head at that cherubim who sits by the edge of the Golden Gate," I said to Cindy Mackers. Cindy is even afraid of low class angels and so its extra funny to see her squirm. But there's nothing they can do to her. We can do anything we want. It's heaven.

The only time I can't joke around is when I'm praying to Saint Barbie. Barbie did a lot of miracles in the world. She brought smiles and confidence and dreams of perfection into so many miserable and ugly girls' lives. After all what could be more miraculous than a smile on an ugly girls face ? Saint Barbie also didn't smoke. If you don't smoke and you can perform a whole bunch of miracles, then you become a Saint and there's a special place for you in heaven. Yay, yay, hip, hip hooray !!

My Daddy used all his "Daddy powers" to make sure Barbie would become a saint because there was a time that I was so sad and all I wanted was his promise that I would meet Barbie in heaven. After the blueberry coloured ceiling of the toy store fell down on me and a whole bunch of girls who were fighting over barbie dolls, I was in the hospital for a long time and I was so sad. But when my daddy told me that he had used his "Daddy powers" to have Barbie turned into a Saint, I knew that I could die a happy little girl.

Everyday is spent in prayer, followed by a double dare, is my prayer that I repeat to Saint Barbie every single day.

I double dare you get next to Jesus and sneeze out these words: doofus says what.

Ha ha. I sure do.


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