Sunday, August 07, 2005

"DEATH OVERSTAYS HIS WELCOME AT A PARTY" is some qwik/lit that takes this picture by Laurie Lipton as its starting point.

To see her work in the flesh... I mean the bone... I mean... well to see her
wonderfully macabre work, "Day of the Day" you should circle November 1st to
19th, 2005 on your calendar and head out to the Melia White House, Albany
Street in NW1, London during those dates.


London needs you good people of the earth.

If you are heading out from North America however do be careful who you book your tickets through. Some relatives of mine were recently shocked at how horribly their travel plans were changed on them after booking through Thomas Cook. They were allowed 35 kilograms coming to North America and then 20 kilograms going back. A piece of piss way to end a holiday. (I googled stories of Thomas Cook and found this.)

That's the last tangent I'll make for today.

But on the topic of tangents... (And technically bringing up the topic of tangents is not really a tangent for any moment can be a tangent, therefore the topic of tangents is always suitable.) My mind is a forest of tangents with their pointy branches scraping through every moment.

Yes welcome to Fast Fictions.



Mary's little dinner party went off without a hitch except for the lingering figure of death who stayed until an embarrassingly late hour. These thing happen, Mary thought trying to console herself.

Death stood draped in her mothers old clothes which had been stored away in a wooden trunk in the attic. "Look at me, tee hee hee." Death flipped a paper mask of an elderly woman's face back and forth over his bony visage. "I'm an old nelly. I'm death. I'm an old nelly. I'm death."

Tedious, Mary thought to herself. Do all of his travels not avail him to a diversity of experience ? No, he is a bore, she thought to herself. He is always the same.

And at three-fifteen, death grew tired of the charades, of the attempt to step outside of his routine and got the job over with.

The same monotonous conclusion as all the others.


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