Friday, September 16, 2005

"STREET FIGHT RIOT RIGHT" is a very fast fast fiction that'll punch you right in the face for simply being a smiling spectator.

It's based on an image by I Braineater, a fixture of the Vancouver underground music and arts scene, a nuclear powered lightbulb socket in a very dark basement with mohawked rats scurrying around the corners. Yeah, that's what he is. My first memories of going downtown on my own as a little trench-coated and army booted teenager in the mid-80's include drooling over the I Braineatter t-shirts at the Underground which was on Granville Street. That was my art gallery.

I was lucky enough to be able to purchase one of I Braineatter's pieces some years back: a handmade raygun that also functions as a radio. Ask me about it next time you're over at my place for a party.


"Dickweed !"

"You cock-sucker. I'll fuckin' rearrange your face and then you'll have to smash a mirror and look into the broken sharks to get a semblance of the original organization of your face."

"Hold it. Hold everything," the director walks into the crowd of rioters. "What the hell was that ?" the director yells from some hidden reserve of energy. The ten weeks of rehearsals have nearly exhausted him. "I told you a little improv to keep it loose. Don't go making monologues. Keep it simple. Okay, from the top of the scene.'

While progress slogged along at a snail's pace, everyone was confident that
the historic re-creation of the Robson Street Hockey Riot on Hastings street was a stroke of genius and would help to revitalize an impoverished part of the city.


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