Saturday, September 17, 2005

"BRAM STROKER'S COUNT LICKULA" is a fast fiction that finds its inspiration in this splooge of perversion...

amelias magagazine serge
Serge Seidlitz is a force of nature kind of talent who probably leaves behind amazing images of nuns with forked tongues simply by staring at any blank space for more than a couple seconds. Marvel at the wonderments on his site.



On the surface of his smiles, Phil Terringer is extremely debonair and charming. If tickets were sold to view his shimmering smile, scalpers could make a decent living by constantly lingering behind him. Hidden in the grey mush of his brain, however, is an industry of lust that manufactures image after image of perversion.

"Okay we'll just get you in there and begin the scanning. Don't worry you won't feel a thing," the technician says with a comforting look. Her hair is pulled back into a cute ponytail. Phil wants her.

"It's a shame they don't make these to fit two," Phil says. She giggles a shy giggle.

He imagines that he is a penis and the CAT scan that he's sliding into is her vagina. His gutter of consciousness slowly floats from that to a legion of other images of nipples and open vaginas and stroke magazines from his youth. A pornographic version of Dracula suddenly begins to unfold in his mind's eye.

But his concentration is soon broken by the cute technician's scream. She has seen the rated-R results of the CAT scan of his brain.

And he certainly won't be able to charm his way into the sack with her.


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