Thursday, September 08, 2005

"FACING THE MIND THAT BIT YOU" is a fast fiction that dives into a pool full of LSD in order to get that twoonie at the bottom. A dip into abstraction for some minor distraction.

Today's illustration comes compliments of the very talented Ehren Salazar. Visit his site to mess around with the masked face of Jean Chretien. Very fun.

Ehren has also illustrated a fast fiction which will be included in a book that I hope wil be in stores sometime soon. The money made from Fast Fictions for the City will go to the InterUrban Gallery.


"They call it a flashback but I would prefer that it be called a flash-in, you see what's going on inside yourself. Flashin'. The universe is flashing you, showing you its true nature, your true nature," he explained to his grandson. "And sometimes it ain't pretty."

"Grampa, are we going to the park today ?" Tommy asked. His eyes were big enough to burst. Blue water balloons filled with fun. Tommy was six.

"We're always at the park. You can always reach out and touch the blue of the sky or the soft green of the grass. Conversely, the fangs of a vicious dog that's off its leash is never far away. There things exist at all times around us. The mind is always lurking in the dark ready to bite."

And grandpa once again stepped out of this plane of existence.

And Tommy played with his glasses.


Anonymous Ms. R. Chaperon said...

Dear Mr. Spenst,
Thank-you for writing such a very good story about my painting. I enjoyed it very much. I love the idea you told me about in your last email. Maybe sometime when you are less busy we can go ahead with it.
Unstoppable in my pirate powers,
Ms. R. Chaperon

12:03 AM  

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