Saturday, September 03, 2005

"TREE TOPS FOR A THOUSAND YEN A POP " is another super fast fast fiction based on this incredible image by Seth Scriver.

You can read about how people are digging his stuff by clicking on cbc or you can email the government requesting that Seth be allowed to doodle the design for a new twenty three dollar bill. As always the choice is yours.
While you're reading this I'm pounding out one hundred pages of literature and typos for the 3-Day Writing Novel Contest so I won't have anything new for you until Tuesday but feel free to peruse any of the other 539 short-short stories which I have on-line here at fast fictions or over at Kevin Spenst dot calm.


"Daddy I want a super crazy Christmas tree top !!" Tsutomu screams while yanking on his father's arm like its a pump designed to pour out a stream of money.

The tree tops stand in the display window and are coated in decorations and "illuminations" (Janglish for lights). A poster explains where they were grown: "Celebrate Christmas in your super hot Australian swinging style. Christmas originally designed by Jesus for fun by the pool so why not cast off those foolhearty ways and celebrate with the sun. These trees have been grown on the heads of summer time revelers whose job is to dance, laugh, splash and have a fun all time long."

"No today," the father explains and they continue on their way to the hairdresser.


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