Sunday, September 04, 2005

"MY FIRST THERAPIST" is another lightning bolt of fiction that has struck this exact spot hundreds of times. What are the chances !! Zilch to zip. Where does all that electricity come from ?! Who knows. Can I harness the energy from this lightening bolt and power something like a bandsaw or a blender ? No, the "lightning bolts" that I mentioned are purely metaphorical lightning bolts and simply exist as ideas in our heads.

Today's inspiration comes from the brush of Sonny Liew, a very talented artist whose site is free of pretence and full of fun.


"Well that's why I bought it for her in the first place !" he screams out in a spray of spit. (He has over-active saliva glands which is something else that really pisses him off. This leads to more spitty outbursts of shouts so don't get him started.)

"All I'm saying is that you should have consulted me before making such a large purchase." She too is angry but contains her pissed-offedness in a clenched mouth. (She once had her teeth smashed out while in the front row of a pee-wee hockey game so please don't make jokes about hockey pucks de-teething anyone.)

"But why wouldn't we want her to have a doll that doles out little bits of wisdom ? Advice. It's an advice doll."

"Freudian psychology for a four year old !!"

"A very gifted four year old."

(Yes anyway he's your new boss. I know it may seem strange. Us here in the bushes outside their kitchen window. It's important that you understand him. He actually likes to have new employees see him at home. He has ambitions for all of us. Good luck.)


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