Monday, October 24, 2005

"FLIGHT PATH OF THE TIMID" is a very special fast fiction based on an image by the delightfully talented Eun-ha Paek.
So put your seat in an upright position, buckle up your seat belt, close your eyes as your captain reads this story to you and enjoy...


After spending several hours meticulously creating a soothing plane environment inside their living room and creating an elephant costume, Cindy was pooped . While she had never been on a plane before, she did her best based on recollections of scenes from movies as well as images off the internet which basically resulted in chairs from the kitchen and backyard aligned in a row along one wall, suitcases perched up on a bookshelf to replicate overhead compartments and small cut outs of blue and white taped onto the wall. She put flowers on the chairs and Brian Eno's Music for Airports on a continuous loop on the stereo. And then there were the small dinners wrapped up within tin foil (from her fathers cigarette packs as there was none left in the kitchen) on trays in the fridge.

Cindy had always dreamed seeing elephants in Africa, but her parents suffered from aerophobia.

Dinner that night was served on flight 302 which was bound for Moi International Airport in Kenya. The sterwardess was an elephant.

"This pasta is great," her father said through a mouthful of food. "But I really don't think we'd be treated to anything this good on an actual plane."

"I don't think they're allowed to give out flowers anymore either. Terrorists," her mom said in a concerned tone of voice.

After it became apparent that all of her efforts were in vain, she announced that the flight had been hijacked by crazies and that they had been flown directly into space.

Floating in nothingness with nothing to do.


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