Friday, November 18, 2005

"THE IDIOT SAVANT SMARTENS UP" is an enormously special fast fiction based on this art within an etch-a-sketch. Merry Meredith has a show up in Vancouver of 34 etch a sketch works (or to be more artistic about it: pieces des etch de la sketch ) that runs until Dec.17th at the Basic Inquiry Life Drawing Center for the Figurative Arts.
So put away your million dollar vintage Lite Brites, Archie Comics, Etch a Sketches and Slinkies and enjoy...


At first Mr and Mrs Fendermeyer were aghast at the thought that their little bundle of joy would grow up to become a frightened bundle of nerves in a confusing world but then, after reading of the artistic brilliance that had come so effortlessly to those within his mental rank and file, they consoled themselves by imagining the financial compensation which awaited them.

And little Sam Fendermeyer grew up around a piano, cello and violin as well as paintbrushes, canvases, pencils and pastels which all collected dust, waiting for Sam to display magical flourishes of brilliance.

"What about just one lesson ?" Mrs Fendermeyer cried after Sam had passed the age of ten without any stirring of words from his tongue or artistic gifts from his fingers.

"No they're always self-taught. That's the origin of their artistic gifts," Mr Fendermeyer explained.

And after ignoring their son for ten more years, they were rewarded one afternoon with a perfect copy of their afternoon on the beach within the grey canvas of an etch-a-sketch.

"Brilliant !!"

"This will fetch us thousands of dollars !!"

Over the next couple of days and weeks and months it was discovered that etch-a-sketches were Sam's forte. And after making his 542nd etch-a-sketch, which was sold for a thousand dollars, Samuel smacked his father in the face with an etch-a-sketch which depicted his father and mother walking arm in arm behind a baby carriage full of money.

And Sam moved out.


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