Sunday, November 20, 2005

"MOBIUS STRIPPER" is an almost impossibly special fast fiction based on the brilliance of Joseph Hart, an American artist whose work combines spiral-graph geometries with spiritual taxonomies. In other words, painterly magic.
So put away your delux lego edition of MC Escher's Ascending and Descending and enjoy...


With her mind firmly focused on the ancients spiral-graphing constellations in the sky, she starts to slide the sleeves of her black top off her supple arms. Flesh emerges like a welcomed sunrise. But while she dances and spins her mind is the needle of a protractor, holding her in a place of origins, a singular beginning which emerged out of opposites and impossiblities. A something out of nothing.

And she strips and strips and strips, shedding layer after layer of clothing but total nudity is never reached.

"A fucking parlor trick !" a man in gynecological row mumbles.

But she continues to tease the majority of the crowd who are hopeful that she will slip up and expose something more. For her part, she remains intently focused on a meditation of origins which allows her to achieve the impossible.

She holds a mythic landscape in her mind like an Indian forehead holds a jewel.

Teasing out an impossibility as the music pumps away.


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