Sunday, November 13, 2005

"REMINISCING THE CORONATION OF THE MONKEY PRINCE" is a surpassingly special fast fiction based on work by Klaus Haapaniemi, an artist/designer from London whose sumptuous work is grounded in the play between vivid colors, interesting shapes and unique characters.
So put your family of pet monkeys - whom you've named after the family members of the Brady Bunch - to bed and enjoy...


While every corner of his kingdom is crumbling like a cookie, Santyremi, the Monkey King, does nothing but sit on his throne and watch his jester juggle bananas. Occasionally, he picks a mite from his hairy scalp and chomps down on it.

"Again, again !!" he claps laboredly and laughs in a weeze which echoes in the vastness of his throne room. Members of the court impatiently sit in attendance waiting for their freedom. They have endured with forced smiles an hour of these puerile proceedings but in their palpitating hearts they are tallying their possessions, estates and servants and the wisdom of keeping them or using them in the upcoming troubles. They calculate their exit strategies on their long, nimble toes.

While news of a peasant uprising in the very heart of the kingdom had come that morning, the King has done nothing but immerse himself in asinine distractions.

"Make for us once again your reenactment of my coronation with bananas, hankies and the court poodle !!" Santyremi laughs, casting his mind back like a shadow at twilight, stretching out to an unexpected distance. Only the shock of extreme bedlam has the power to stir up emotions in his mostly motionless body and mind. He knows that in some dark corner of his mind, lays an abandoned image of that illustrious day and that is what he needs to recover the kingdom. It must sparkle somewhere in that darkness; a kingly feeling rooted in a sovereign start.

A series of crashes and cries from outside the throne room's door unsettles the members of the court who abandon their seats but the king is still lost in his search for one afternoon of warmth on a pond coated in peacock colours.

But as the doors burst open under the force of a hundred angry paws the kingdom crumbles into no more.


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