Sunday, March 13, 2005

The Gentleman who Invented Defecation

"Well there have been many inventions through the ages but really the one we all take for granted is the simple act of defecation." The actor playing the part of a scientist says this last word with a flourish of his right arm to point out a portrait of a distinguished looking Victorian.

Almost everyone in the group laughs at the absurdity of this notion except for one glum looking man and his two children. They probably haven't laughed for several weeks or perhaps even years.

"Yes one man investigated the nature of digestion and also the piping that was being used to bring in clean water to cities." The scientist, who used to be an unemployed stand-up comedian, says all this while studying the faces of the crowd for any clues to what material tickles their funny bones the most.

The moustached man with a frown for a face coughs quietly to himself. He wants his ten dollars back as he doesn't find this new fangled Scatatorium funny at all. In fact it offends him to his very anus.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is disgusting, but somehow oddly lovely.

11:06 PM  

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