Sunday, March 27, 2005

Heckling your Funny Bone

Ulner nerve entrapment is what the doctors call it. I call it my funny bone losing it's sense of humour. Shitty luck is what my wife calls it.

It all started with an overlooked injury at the lumber yard. A pile of 2 by 4's came down on my right arm pretty hard. My funny bone was fucking hilarious that afternoon I tell ya but it was just after Christmas and we needed the money so I kept working and tried to put the pain out of my mind. The injury in my arm went from bad to worse though and I ended up unable to grasp anything with my right hand.

I'm currently looking through the want ads in search of suitable work. Maybe I'll go into politics since grasping things doesn't seem to be a prerequisite for the job. Maybe I'll become a joke writer for the Pope 'cause Christ does that guy ever need some new material.

A relocation of life plans is what the therapists call it. I call it a paraplegic landing on his feet. Doing whatever the fuck you can to stay afloat is what my wife calls it.

Unexpected is what everyone else calls it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

glad to do this one. Anna V.

9:09 PM  

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