Friday, March 18, 2005

No Beauticians in Fox-Holes

“So remember during the application of any product to a client's face, you should maintain a constant line of communication. By nature we are all very sensitive around our facial areas.” Her hand spins like a magician's around her own face to clarify what she’s talking about and voila the group of students nod.

An explosion goes off nearby, shaking the eardrums of all 23 people in the room. They readjust their smiles and continue to concentrate on listening to the oral section of lesson 32 in the Holistic Facial Treatment Program. They’ve paid good money for this class.

Another explosion goes off but this time further in the distance. A vase full of white lilies quivers quietly on a table by the boarded up window.

Whoever wins will be in need of some pampering, the instructor reminds herself in her inside voice.


Anonymous xavier skulbaz said...

nice environment, stop,look,listen
i also paid big bucks for that class!!here's what i saw.

11:29 AM  

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