Wednesday, March 16, 2005

All Twins are the Antichrist

Holding the book up high he reads from the large text as the twins watch him through four beady little eyes. Every so often they glance over to the colorful images of the storybook but only to scan for something that might someday come in handy: a hiding place, an object with a sharp edge or some revelation of the weaknesses of animal anatomy. Yann turns the page over to reveal the wolf setting fire to the second pig's straw house.

"Get'em !! Get'em !!!" the twins shout in synchronicity. Yann yanks the book out of the air from harms way. After their last outburst they had clawed their hands through the air tearing out page 3 from what had been their great-grandmother's childhood storybook.

"I smell bacon."

"I smell ham."

"I smell pork sizzling in pain from the bottom of the pan."

Yann is about to tell them that they should be siding with the pigs but then he thinks better. Tonight will be the last night that he'll ever babysit his nephews. Tomorrow he'll set out to find a religion that will forbid him from having any kind of contact with persons under the age of 18. There are many religions in the world, surely there must be one with such a credo, he tells himself.

And he'll take "The Three Little Pigs" with him to freedom.


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